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Renewable Energy

I Am Interested In Renewable Energy: What Do I Do?

How many times have you heard about renewable energy and thought – “I might be interested” – only to get lost trying to figure out who to contact or which agency might be able to answer your questions.  Many times you might find that it isn’t the process that is most difficult, but rather who to contact first.

Wind Energy

Grand Valley Power is here to assist our members with some of these most basic questions.  There are many different options depending on your level of interest.  Let’s begin with the most basic and simple option, purchasing wind energy blocks from Grand Valley Power.  This option gives the members the simplest and cheapest way to support renewable energy and its development.  A member can purchase wind energy in increments of 100 kWh blocks and pay an additional $2.50 per month per block on their bill.  This allows the member to support renewable energy at levels that are comfortable to each member individually.  For more information or to participate in this program, you can call GVP (970) 242-0040 or email a billing representative.

On-site Generation

The second option for supporting renewable energy is to build a grid-tie renewable system on your property.  A grid-tie renewable system can be a system that generates electricity and supplies excess electricity back onto the grid from sources such as hydro, wind, and (the source that is best suited for our region) solar.  The member is responsible for the design (10 kW max for residential & 25 kW max for commercial), installation, operation, and maintenance of the system.  Grand Valley Power will assist in answering questions, will help provide information and direct you to the local installers.  Once you have the system designed and are ready to move forward with the project, you need to contact GVP and fill out an interconnection application before you begin installing the system.  This application does not require any money, instead it is used by GVP to gather information regarding the intent of your project and to verify proper sizing of GVP equipment.  Once this form is completed and approved by GVP, the installation can begin.  During the installation of the equipment, the member is required to provide a copy of their homeowner’s insurance policy and complete the interconnection agreement.  Upon final inspection and receiving these forms, the system is turned on and the production of electricity begins.  Grand Valley Power currently has over 200 members who have grid-tie systems. For information email the Engineering Department.

Solar Farm

A third option, the Solar Farm, was developed with the idea that customers could participate in solar generation with a lower initial investment.  Grand Valley Power built, owns, and maintains the system on GVP property which allows customers who might not have properly oriented houses, might be renters, or might have shade trees surrounding their house the opportunity to benefit from solar generation.  Two options exist for member participation in the Solar Farm; Payment option 2.1 - (Paid in Full) for a one-time payment of $700, the customer can lease the production from the solar panel for a period of 20 years and  Payment option 2.2 - (Zero Down) the member can elect to have a $15 per month charge added to their bill for a period of five years while receiving the credit from that panel for a period of 20 years.  The customer will receive the same credit as if the system was built on their property without having to carry the required minimum insurance or perform the necessary maintenance.  The lease may also be transferred, once it is paid in full, to another GVP account if the customer moves.  Please contact Derek Elder, (970) 623-8580, at Grand Valley Power for more information.

Since not every member of Grand Valley Power is the same, we feel it is important to offer programs that have flexibility and allow every member an equal chance to participate at their comfort level.  For more information, please contact Grand Valley Power.



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