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Surge Protection

Service Entrance Surge Protectors:
With the advent of electronic equipment, Grand Valley Power has become increasingly concerned about power quality. Today's electronic equipment (TVs, DVRs, computers, digital clocks, etc.) is much more sensitive to various types of power quality problems such as surges, outages, harmonics, etc.

Grand Valley Power has addressed the problem of power surges. Power surges are one of the more damaging power quality problems that affect electronic equipment. Power surges can be caused by several factors including lightning, neighbors turning on heavy loads, and power line switching.

In order to add another level of protection to the customers equipment, Grand Valley Power installs Service Entrance Surge Protectors on all new services. If you have an existing service that does not have a Service Entrance Surge Protector, you can have one installed, or request more information, by contacting the engineering department at Grand Valley Power.

     Surge Protector 



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