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Renewable Energy Standard

Grand Valley Power Remains a Leader in Renewable Energy

GVP's portfolio of purchased power includes 30.2% renewable energy

     Renewable Energy Standards (RES), also known as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), are policies designed to increase generation of electricity from renewable resources. These policies require electric companies to acquire a certain minimum share of their electricity from designated renewable resources. Generally, these resources include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectricity.

     Grand Valley Power must generate or cause to be generated eligible energy in the following minimum amounts:

       1%     2008 - 2010

       3%     2011 - 2014

       6%     2015 - 2019

     10%     2020 and thereafter

     For compliance years 2020 and thereafter, Grand Valley Power must also supply 1% of its retail sales from renewable distributed generation, of which 50% must be from retail renewable distributed generation.

     The report filed with the Colorado PUC for compliance year 2016 is available at the link below.


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