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Director Elections

     Grand Valley Power's members elect their board by mail-in ballots or in person at the Annual Meeting of Members held each summer.  If three or fewer members seek election, then Grand Valley Power will forego the mail ballots and the election of the Directors will take place during the annual meeting.  Grand Valley Power's board members, elected at-large, serve three-year, staggered terms.

     Each Grand Valley Power member has the right to vote for up to 3 directors to be elected.  Members have only one ballot per election, regardless of the number of accounts with Grand Valley Power.  The account holder or spouse on the Grand Valley Power account is eligible to vote.

     Unlike governmental elections, not all registered voters in the household can vote in the Grand Valley Power elections.  Members who are unclear of their membership or account status are urged to call Grand Valley Power's Member Services department at 970-242-0040 for verification.

Running for the Board of Directors

     To be eligible to become or remain a director, a person must be a Grand Valley Power member and receive electric service from Grand Valley Power at the member's primary residence.  A director cannot be engaged in a competing enterprise or in other businesses involving a conflict of interest.  Grand Valley Power's bylaws provide in-depth information on director qualifications, terms, elections, meetings and officers.

     Director Elections were held on August 3rd, 2017, and the ballots were tallied on August 4th, 2017.


Here are the results of the ballot count for the 2017 Board of Director’s election as tallied by Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co., P.C.:

  1. Janie VanWinkle                                   1,483 votes
  2. Don McClaskey                                    1,405 votes
  3. Robert Saunders                                  1,194 votes
  4. John Gormley                                       1,186 votes

The returned mail ballots were held in custody and then counted by the local CPA firm Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co.  Shareholders who had not voted by mail and attended the annual meeting on August 3rd, voted at the meeting.

Janie VanWinkle            Don McClaskey            Robert Saunders 

Janie VanWinkle       Don McClaskey          Robert Saunders

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