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3rd Party Notification

Some residential customers, due to individual circumstances, may find it worthwhile to designate a third party to receive copies of the final notice of disconnect that may be sent to them by Grand Valley Power. As an example, when a customer's unexpected absence or unavailability causes a bill to remain unpaid for a prolonged period, a third party can take steps in time to prevent a possible disconnect of electrical service. The designated third party may be a relative, personal friend, or even an agency.

Grand Valley Power makes every effort to reach customers with past due accounts far in advance of the time electrical service is disconnected. A disconnect notice is sent only as a last resort.

The customer must fill out and sign an authorization form before this service can be implemented. Please contact the billing department for more information.

If you are making a payment to prevent a disconnect, you should not use the drop box but personally deliver those payments to the office, pay-by-phone at 1-877-760-7435, or pay on this website,  to insure continued service. It is the customer's responsibility to see that payments are made in a timely manner.



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